A to Z Challenge

Reflections: A to Z challenge!

When I signed up for A to Z, the only thought in my mind was that I would be at my parents' place and I would be comparatively free and hopefully be able to write 26 posts. Little did I know, how wrong I was. It was actually more challenging. Cookie  (my baby who is 20 months… Continue reading Reflections: A to Z challenge!


Love and Other Attachments!

After getting married, I was in Bangalore for 18 months for a short stint with IIM Bangalore as a research and teaching assistant. This was while my husband was still in Pune. While I was setting up my house in Bangalore, I put in a lot of thought to what furniture I need, how much money… Continue reading Love and Other Attachments!

A to Z Challenge

eXperiencing your first holiday with the baby!

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. From eating habits to sleeping patterns, going out to going to the washroom, everything changes. But what is affected most is taking holidays and that too with the baby. We took Cookie for his first holiday when he was about 5 months old and it was a one… Continue reading eXperiencing your first holiday with the baby!

A to Z Challenge

Quick Recipes for babies

While raising a baby/toddler almost without any external help, we are always looking out for recipes that are simple and easy to make. The first 12-14 months of raising Cookie were a breeze even if I say so myself and contradict it later. The reason being, he let me cook whatever I wanted to. Around… Continue reading Quick Recipes for babies

A to Z Challenge

A Reader’s Delight

After having a baby, there are multiple new hobbies that one gets into. The major reason for this is that we are restricted to being at home. One such hobby that one could indulge into is reading. Reading is a hobby that needs to be cultivated carefully because if one starts with a wrong author/genre, they would… Continue reading A Reader’s Delight

A to Z Challenge

A Mother’s Tryst with Unlearning!

When a woman transforms into a mother, a lot of things around her changes. She sees everything with a new perspective; she breaks her way of thinking to learn new ways. This transformation or the process of discarding one's knowledge to learn something new is called Unlearning. Motherhood brings with it, anxiety, worries and so… Continue reading A Mother’s Tryst with Unlearning!

A to Z Challenge

Vaccination for Babies!

When a baby is born, one of the first things that are associated with him is the vaccination card. With the advancing science and Technology, the risks and number of diseases have also increased. Vaccination is one of the safer ways to prevent some diseases. One example of vaccination that helps prevents diseases is Polio… Continue reading Vaccination for Babies!